Since November 2016 it has become clear to us that we want to be part of creating a better future for us all. We want to help provide opportunities for everyone and build bridges instead of walls.


Our Mission

To build a space where creative people can collaborate and use their skills to give back to our communtiy.  Our objective is to raise money and awareness for existing charities and nonprofits that provide programming to under served populations; immigrants, refugees, and indigenous populations in our community.


What are our goals?

  • To create volunteer opportunities for creative people to give back to our city (Winnipeg.)
  • To sponsor a children's music program for the childcare progrom at IRCOM (Immigrant Refugee Community Organization of Manitoba)
  • Design a memorable experience that is worth spreading.
  • Building individuals' creative confidence.
  • Inspiring others to turn their dissatisfaction into positive actions.

What else should you know:

We are raising the funds to get this project from concept to concrete! Canada Day, 2018 will be our premier pop-up at the Osborne street festival.  What a perfect opportunity to take advantage of an National event and the crowds it will draw!  We are also working on securing a spot for us to drop our box at the forks for two weeks in September to host workshops and participate in Nuit Blanche.

The funds raised at these events and through donations will go towards the purchase and modification of the shipping container including: metal work to create new doors, electrical, insurance, transportation costs, mural artists, as well as the furniture to go inside.  Every dollar counts, please don't feel that any amount is insignificant. The main thing is getting involved and feeling like YOU are making in making a difference in our community.

In order that we can continue to provide these kind of events and opportunities in the community we will be taking a maximum of 25% of the funds raised to go towards our professional developement.