The Birch Box

We are converting a shipping container into a pop-up barbershop/braid bar and retail space.  The outside of it will be covered in a mural that tells a story going from the hopelessness of being a refugee to showing a community of supportive people helping.  When the doors open to the shop the helplessness will disappear behind the doors and clients and shoppers will enter a clean shop aesthetic lined with birch branches, thus the name Birch Box.  We'll have 4 chairs for services, with shelving and display for products near the wider entry point.

All the stylists doing services will be volunteer and the makers will donate a percentage of their profits to the cause. 

Who are we helping?

This is the start of a social project to benefit new refugees.  IRCOM (Immigrant Refuge Community Organization of Manitoba) is an awesome organization that provides a diverse range of assistance for both refugees and immigrants including housing and education.  We are going to be focusing our donations on their underfunded child care program.  

Women are so integral to changing the community and the world, but without education they can't do that.  IRCOM has great programs for education, but what's standing in the way for women is child care.  With their children cared for on site this will enable more women to be educated and contributing to our community.

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If you would like to volunteer to help get this project from concept to concrete please contact us!

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