Who is behind the Birch Box Projects?  

Wouldn't you like to know....



Amy Krahn

I have a background in visual arts as well as the service industry as a hairstylist.  I am a lifelong armchair psychologist (with no credentials) and new philanthropist. I love learning what makes people tick and getting right into meaningful conversations.  Small talk is for chumps!

How we feel affects every aspect of our life, our health, and I truly believe that it is within our control to be well, if only we are willing to do the work.  There are enough REAL obstacles in life, we need to remove our self-limiting beliefs so that we can achieve great things. The Birchbox is my way of creating something that will help provide opportunities for creative people to make their lives richer and better by using their skills in a meaningful way.


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Ivan Valencia

My background is mostly in restaurant. From working in to managing to owning. My strongest love is and has always been towards the people around me. I love being a part of and helping my community. Especially creating communities that help each other. My parents came to this country at a young age and taught my family and me that the world has so much to offer. All you have to do is get up and do it!

The Birchbox is a connection. There are so many talented people who lack the mentors or the view of the next step. What we can do at the Birchbox is bring people from all types of fields and with all types of personalities together, hopefully, to direct their passion towards a new and strong direction. I have always been a part of my community and always pursued my dreams. This is a way we can help others do the same.